Estimus is project management software that allows quick and easy organization of time and personnel involved in project work.

Increase your project’s success with quality time and resource management with direct insight into all project activities performance.


Estimus provides a clear record of each employee’s work along with his current project details. Estimus operates on the principle of ‘software as a service’ (SaaS), which means that it reduces the initial investment in hardware and its maintenance costs, and provides a high level of data security.


Estimus is a tool designed for project-oriented companies which main work resources are made up by people, specifically service industry companies. It is suitable for small and medium-sized projects, and its concepts are based on the standards of PMI (Project Management Institute).


At any given moment, project plan can be printed out and the user gets a systematic overview of the activities as well as group activities and their current location within project phases. New and unforeseen activities can be easily added to the project plan; with their degree of priority and employee in charge. Estimus also reminds a user of approaching deadlines or a deadline that has been missed. All the tool components are interrelated, and users have access to view of project data in accordance with their project role. Continuous software upgrades are made in cooperation with our customers allowing a customization for every business.

Basic functionalities

  • Chronology of projects and project activities (Work Breakdown Structure)
  • Assigning resources to project activities and monitoring their execution
  • Keeping track of work orders from their submission to termination
  • Managing product versions
  • Keeping records of employee work execution (related to projects or work orders)
  • Keeping records of the tasks entered into calendar
  • Managing deadlines and chores related to projects and work orders
  • Generating business reports (BI)