RIS has been present in the development of software for insurance companies since 1993. Most of its software was developed in cooperation with its partner Croatia Osiguranje, Croatia’s most significant insurance company.

During all this time, here in Ris, we have been creating an enormous knowledge base of this business area. Futhermore, RIS has a great number of highly educated professionals with experience and knowledge necessary for insurance software development, who are familiar with business technology as well as state-of-the-art software development tools. From many essential software solutions we have created in order to support business processes of an insurance company, we would like to single out:

IMIS system supports the processes of selling insurance divided into several categories: specialized modules for more than 20 types of insurance, general modules for all other types of insurance, commission calculation for external sellers, module for Croatia Zdravstveno Osiguranje (health insurance), reinsurance.

IMIS WEB system is a web version of IMIS which allows IMIS system to be used via Internet from any location that has access to Internet by using the latest standards in the field of secure information exchange.

IMAGE system is compatible and fully integrated with IMIS. It is specifically designed for operating activities of individual sellers and small agencies dealing with selling insurance.

PLASMANI system covers the business processes of insurance company investments. More specifically, it covers many different types of investments such as deposits, life insurance loans, short-term and long-term loans, bonds.