Since 2000, there has been an increasing market need for business information systems; as a result, RIS has been continuously growing by providing its service by the principle of turnkey. Such an approach includes planning, design, consulting, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems, and long-term customer support throughout the entire life cycle of an information system.

With our knowledge and experience we will help you in the following areas:


  • Information requirements analysis
  • Information system design
  • Information system development
  • Database modelling
  • Strategic planning of information systems


  • Implementation of an integrated IS
  • Old software replacement
  • Application programming
  • Standardizing



  • Old database conversion
  • Documentation
  • Software and databases maintenance
  • Long-term customer support


Oracle DBA

  • Oracle DB Software installation
  • Oracle DB Software maintenance
  • Database creation
  • Administration of user roles
  • Administration of schema objects


System administration

  • Rental of protected area for servers
  • Infrastructure design
  • System construction
  • Equipment acquisition, maintenance and service


  • Management training
  • Designer training
  • Programmer training
  • MIRIS consultation