Company profile

RIS d.o.o. is a privately owned company established in 1993.

Business software design, development and maintenance is what we do. During a period of more than two decades, we have branded our company as a software factory that bases its business exclusively on the production and implementation of our own business solutions.

From our founding to present day, our business philosophy has not changed. It is based on having satisfied employees who by using the latest technologies are creating quality solutions that meet the needs of modern business ultimately resulting in satisfaction of end users.


Partnership to success

We look at our clients as partners on the same path to business success. We accomplish this by combining the knowledge and experience of both sides, while we provide:

  • Instruments and tools that ensure security, stability and continuity within longer periods of time

  • Implementation of integrated specialized solutions to support business processes

  • We follow and put into use new developments and technologies in the IT market

  • Continuous development and improvement of information systems

  • Quick and expedient customer support

  • Our employees specialize in IT knowledge and a variety of business processes, depending on the project which they work on (accounting, procurement)

  • Our end users do not have to be IT specialists for a daily and effective use of our software solutions

  • We build partnerships based on TRUST.


Competent team

The key to success is people – we employ over 30 ICT experts who possess a number of professional certifications and are continuously investing in their own professional improvement. In addition to IT knowledge, our employees also specialize in business processes supported by our software solutions. Following the principle of teamwork and knowledge sharing, all team members are ready at any time to take over work assignments from their co-workers.

Our own software solutions

Production of our own software solutions has been providing us with a significant competitive advantage, particularly in the area of system maintenance and customer support services. Systematic software development process has enabled our employees to be familiar with each line of code, meaning that they are able to quickly and efficiently respond to user requests at any given moment, without the engagement of a third party. This manner of working allows us to deliver high-quality and flexible business solutions.


Our vision is to stand out as an IT partner number one in the market of our wider region with quality and reliable business solutions and top-quality services.


Our mission is transforming everyday business tasks into satisfaction and success, as well as understanding customer needs, continuously developing new products and uncompromisingly insisting on quality solutions.


We have been developing our business in accordance with market trends and needs. We began by creating models of information systems, and continued by focusing on custom software development and providing services on the principle of turnkey. Recently, we are focused on specialized business systems. In addition to custom information systems for large companies, only in the last decade we have delivered seven outstanding software solutions that contain several hundred modules.

Over a period of more than twenty years of work we have created a reach knowledge base for different business areas; in particular, we specialize in:

  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Trade
  • Banking
  • Insurance


All of our software solutions were created by following the principles of our own methodology MIRIS (“Metoda Izgradnje i Razvoja Informacijskih Sustava” or translated, the methodology for IT systems construction and development). MIRIS summarizes the knowledge and experience of software development with detailed imagery and defined process of creating software.

MIRIS includes:

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Implementation
  • System Maintenance
  • Long-term support.

MIRIS principles are recognized by IT experts, and often used as college literature. Many computer science students have acquired knowledge of information system modelling following MIRIS methodology.

Since 2005, MIRIS methodology is the first and the only Croatian methodology of software development process and the holder of the prestigious Croatian quality mark “Croatian Creation”.

RIS was in the narrower circle of Ernest & Young's 2016 Entrepreneurial Choice

Award for contributing to the development of entrepreneurship in Southeast Europe (2017)

Manager of the Year from Croatian Managers’ & Entrepreneurs’’ Association (2016)

Special Award from Croatian Chamber of Economy, Rijeka Branch (2015).)

Special Award for Customer Service Excellence (2019)



RIS was awarded ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems in design, programming and maintenance of information systems and applications, as well as data center services.



RIS was awarded ISO 27001 certificate for its information security management system.



RIS was awarded ISO 20000 certificate for its IT service management.